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Book a Lecture / Programme

Anti-Oppression and Equity Lectures are tailor made to the client's needs. Consistent dialogue about the focus, topics and desired outcomes is welcome and encouraged.
In the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
For School boards
Student Assemblies: $1250.00
Staff Workshops: $1250.00 plus HST
Student and Staff Package: $1,500.00 plus HST (Must take place on the same day).
The two lecture package will be $1500  plus HST.
Non-Educational Agencies
Keynote Presentations Range from $1500 - $2500 depending on audience size and duration.
Full day Workshops: $3,000.00
Half Day Workshops: $2,000.00
All bookings in Canada are subject to HST.
Lectures outside the GTA are subject to travel expenses and final costs will be worked out with each client on an individual basis. No reasonable budget will be turned down.
Workshop Abstract:
Each interactive workshop will examine Inclusive Mechanisms that can be employed by any institution in order to create more inclusive/equitable spaces. There will be a focus on the dynamics that power and privilege can have on employees and the individuals serviced by the organization.. Finally, the intersection of complex identities will be examined in order to fully understand the need to continually adapt/create equitable practices to meet the needs of a diverse population.
New for School Boards!! 
Culturally Relevant Responsive Pedagogy and Identity Literacy:

n light of the Ministry of Education's new Equity Action Plan which mandates professional development for teachers, administrators and support staff, this new programme focuses on C.R.R.P. using the mechanism of "Identity Literacy" to unpack bias in the classroom, curriculum and school systems.  Human interactions are often "tainted" with different levels of identity bias, reinforced by media and societal representations of race, ethnicity, gender, culture, sexuality, human ability, socio-economics and the intersection of these identities. These biases can be analyzed and eradicated with tenacious critical thinking around the forces that perpetuate them.  All programmes begin with a component on "Indigenous History and Decolonizing Methodology" as a foundational principle to building capacity around C.R.R.P. in educational spaces. Half day and full day programmes available. (Pricing ranges from $2000-4500 depending on location). 
Lecture package for elementary schools
This new package entitled "LOVE and LEARN" is comprised of two presentations using children's books and anti-bulling songs:

A 50 minute session for Grades 5-8 has a focus on Student Leadership, Human Rights, Respect and Inclusion. The second 30 minute presentation, designed for Grades 3-5, examines concepts of identity, stereotypes and is centred around a message of anti-bullying.
The package concludes with a 25 minute session for the primary students during which my two children's storybooks are read and discussed and the songs "I want you to be nice to me," and "Diggin' Dignity" are performed.  (All the books can be viewed on the "books" section of the website).  Cost- $1400 plus HST

New package for Catholic Elementary schools
Entitled "Jesus Christ and Human Rights" includes a 50 minutes interactive workshop using song and stories for Grades 5-8 with focus on Human Rights, Respect and Inclusion.

The second 30 minutes presentation, designed for Grades Jk-4, examines concepts of our Catholic identity, stereotypes and is centred around a message of anti-bullying. It features two book and four songs, "I want you to be nice to me", "Diggin' Dignity", "Shout Proud" and the new song, "Love and Learn".
Cost- $1400 plus HST

The package concludes with a 25 minutes session for the primary students focusing on Gospel Values. Students will also be read two children's storybooks and sing and dance to two anti-bullying songs entitled, "I want you to be nice to me,"and "Diggin' Dignity" Cost- $1400 plus HST
1. The I.R.T. Project (Indigenous and Racialized Teachers for Leadership)
School boards understand that they require a greater number of teachers with Racialized and Aboriginal heritage to join the administrative ranks of these institutions  To that end I have developed the A.R.T. project comprised of a five module programme to support those teachers who self identify as such with the goal of supporting, mentoring and preparing them to become managers, consultants, department heads and/or vice principals.  The programme will focus on concepts around Critical Race Theory, Inclusive Mechanisms, The Burden of One's Representation and the Challenge of Leadership and Identity Politics. Cost TBD/Negotiated on case by case basis.
2. The Canadian Race Relations Foundations  "Foundations in Equity":
This 5 module programme (plus one on-line component), supported and managed by the Canadian Race Relations, is anchored in Critical Race Theory and is designed for school board employees at all levels of the organization.  The course is an intense immersion in equity based pedagogy, and it challenges participants to think about how their identities interact and impact with other people. (I have facilitated 15 programmes over the past four years to school boards across the GTA with rave reviews. This past June a Principal from the Grand Erie District School board stated, "that is was the best course she had ever taken in her 22 year career".)  Programmes generally run once a week for five weeks, but scheduling is flexible.  (Includes three guest lecturers and a certificate of completion for each participant).  Cost $8000.00.
3. Taking Equity to the Next Level: 
This new programme has been developed specifically for school board administrative teams (including consultants and managers). The full day programme is designed to sharpen administrators' equity lens in order for them to better understand and navigate the complex landscape of identities within their teaching staff, support staff, parent/guardian community and student population. It will cover such topics as:
1. Critical Race/Anti-Oppression Theory.
2. Deconstructing Identity Bias.
3. Intersectionality and Identity Politics.
4. The negation of the Racialized experience as a form of oppression.
5. Equity and Organizational Change.
6. Understanding Privilege.
7. Gender Inequity and its impact on school systems.
8. Gospel Values and Human Rights. (For Catholic Boards)
9. Inclusive Mechanisms and Practice.
Each programme will be tailored to the client's specific staffing needs.  Cost ranges from $3000-$4000 depending on participant group size and location.
4.  New for corporate clients:
Increasing your company's "Inclusion Quotient".
This interactive workshop will examine the way that employees/managers process identity. It will focus on practices that promote Human Rights in various departments including Human Resources and employee relations to name a few. Stereotypes, harmful language, gay rights, gender inequity and the impacts of poverty will also be discussed.  The workshop will end off with strategies to build inclusive workplace environments with the goal of increasing outreach to a diverse customer base.
* 90 minutes $1500 plus HST
* 3 hour (morning or afternoon) $2500
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