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Unique : I want you to be nice to me
I am a snowflake I am unique, 
I want you to be nice to me
I am indigenous of this country
Different faces, Diversity Brown or white or Ebony


Cause I am you-o-o-pique

I am different from the rest 

I am you-o-o-nique

And I deserve respect. 


I like my food a little spi-i-cy

I like veg and don't eat meat

I have an accent from another country 

I look at you and I see beauty 


I might have a disability

I might learn a little differently

I like to stand up to the bully.

So choose your words real carefully. 


I don't need designer labels on me 

Friends around me is all I need

I have two daddies in my family

My mommy is white with a brown daddy 


I might be short, I might be weak. 

Help me out, stand up for me

I am special, I am unique

Karma is my true belief. 

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